Mealworms Regular Tub

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Size:20 – 25mm

Mealworms are the larvae of the Tenebrio Molitar beetle. Originally traced back to bronze age turkey they are now common in many parts of the world. Their diet is vegetable matter which makes them clean and safe for reptiles and cage, wild and aviary birds to eat. They are also used to feed to certain fish and used as fishing bait.
These worms are high in protein but lack calcium, so a supplement is advisable when feeding them to your livestock. They are very active when warm and a great stimulant food to provoke many species of reptiles.
Easy to store, just keep in a clean, well ventilated container, at around 8 degrees and they can last up to several weeks if maintained properly.
Due to the nature of this product sizes may vary slightly from time to time.

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