Website Upgrade

Over the next week or so, we will be updating our site with a new design and functionality.

Keep checking back to see the latest changes.

Spring Bank Holiday

Spring Bank Holiday affects deliveries.
All orders placed after 1pm on Friday
28th May, will not be dispatched until
Tuesday 1st June

May Day

Due to May Day bank holiday on Monday 3rd May, any orders after 1pm on Friday April 30th will be dispatched on Tuesday 4th May. Please be aware your order isnt guaranteed to arrive on the saturday and could arrive Tuesday at the next earliest date.

Easter Shut Down

Due to the Easter Bank Holiday,
All orders placed after 1pm on
Wednesday 31st will be sent on the
following Tuesday.

Winter Chills

As many of you may already know the cold weather is on its way. This always makes it difficult for posting livefoods and we try and get them to you in the best condition we can. Please make sure to warm up your insects upon receiving if they appear inactive. Simply place them near a hot radiator for a couple of hours and you should soon see them come around. Also consider trying different alternatives to crickets when the weather gets really cold as these always travel worse than other insects such as locusts.

Reptile Care and Accesories

We have recently updated our site to provide you with the essential and most popular goods to provide for your reptile. From substrates to lighting, heatmats to waterbowls, we’re sure you can find what you want at a competitive price.
Keep your insects fresher for longer by looking in the insect care section. At a low cost, we can provide the foods we use ourselves to breed our insects, so you can keep yours gut loaded for as long as possible.

Summer Bank Holiday

Due to the Summer Bank Holiday, all orders placed after 12.30pm on Thursday 27th will be sent on the following Tuesday. Thank you for your patience.

Posting as Normal

Livefoods4u are back to work after the Bank Holiday – back to dispatching all your orders, please allow for up to 5 days for your orders to arrive.

Coronavirus – Dispatching Update

Due to the current lockdown, the same day dispatch applies to orders received before 12:30 pm.
Everything is in stock but the Royal Mail are struggling and some orders are taking 4/5 days.
Please consider ordering a little earlier than normal in these difficult times.

Banded Brown Crickets

We are no longer selling Banded Brown Crickets, so as a result we have removed them from our site, apologies for any inconvenience caused.